AED 301: Advance Embedded Systems with Real Time Operating System.

This course is mainly designed for students that are in embedded systems development and consider using an RTOS for more complex applications. Typically an RTOS is a powerful tool that provides multi-taxing capability and is used for more advanced embedded software development on powerful platforms like the ARM chips.


Course Duration

  • Five days at 5 hours per day.

Course Materials

  • Target board for development, Comprehensive CD with slides presentation and software materials.

Course Objectives

  • To equip participants with the skill set to work with an RTOS which will consequently lead to designing Complex, robust and scalable software.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to work comfortably with and RTOS
  • How to develop multi-tasking embedded systems
  • How to communicate between tasks in RTOS embedded systems
  • Introduction to RTOS
  • Overview of different types of RTOS and benefits with a brief comparison of selected Real-Time Operating Systems Micrium & |
  • Analysis of the Structure and main components of an RTOS with main focus on FreeRTOS software.
  • Getting started using an RTOS, with simple a Hands-On Examples & Exercises: Creating/using tasks, signals, mutex
  • Hands-On Examples & Exercises: Using semaphores and Queues

Development Tools

  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM- Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ARM development boards.