AED 302: Advanced Embedded Systems with Linux

This course is mainly designed for students that are in embedded systems development and consider using an RTOS for more complex applications. Typically an RTOS is a powerful tool that provides multi-taxing capability and is used for more advanced embedded software development on powerful platforms like the ARM chips.

Course Duration

  • Five days at 5 hours per day.

Course Materials

  • Comprehensive handbook and CD with
  • Course content and bootable Linux
  • Embedded Linux testing boards

Course Objectives

  • Provide basic understanding of the Linux installation and configuration.
  • Provide enhanced knowledge and skills on the Linux command line interface

Participants Will Learn

  • Installing dual boot Linux and virtual installation
  • Linux environment configuration and administration
  • Installing Linux with Windows
  • Installing Virtualized Linux on Windows
  • Basic Linux directory and file navigation
  • Manipulating files and directories using the BASH shell
  • Simple Shell Scripts for batch operations
  • Installing and updating software
  • Updating Linux as an OS.
  • Network Configuration
  • Hardware interfacing basics