TD4PAI Innovation HUB Hosts Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE).

TD4PAI Innovation HUB today, 11th of February, 2017, hosts the Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE), Abuja Branch in Kuje, FCT. At about 12pm, NIEEE Delegates led by the Chairman and Vice Chairman arrived TD4PAI HUB in a courtesy visit. On their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the incubates/mentors in the hub. It was indeed a memorable moment.

NIEEE, is a division of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). It was established for the purpose of consolidating and ensuring best practices among the professionals in Engineering discipline, dedicated to being ecologically responsive and  enthusiastic about the safety of the professionals and the general public.

DSC01350NIEEE delegates having an interactive session with the hub’s incubates

The delegates were taken round the facilities in the hub like: The uninterruptible power supply system, the hardware/IoT lab, the soldering section, the smart classroom, incubates/intern apartments (male and female), automated fish pond, training rooms, startup offices and the ‘green’ areas.

fishpond Automated fish pond

After being shown round the PCB facilities and other amenities in the hub, they were amazed at the level of innovation going on in the R&D facility of the hub. One of the mentors of the hub gave them a brief lecture on the PCB production road-map of the hub as well as the patented indigenous innovative products, like the Ruwatronik IoT device and the RFID Naija Card Reader.

Furthermore, the professional body inquired of the hub, the criteria for a corporate training on embedded systems design, IoT,  PCB design and fabrication. As a professional body, they sought to tap into emerging technologies in IT as a way to promote professionalism in NIEEE.

Presentation of Gift items

Finally, one of the startups in the hub gave a vote of thanks and the delegates also thanked the hub for their warm welcome, enjoined them to continue in their innovation, assuring them of their willingness to partner with them in capacity building and skills enhancement.

Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Visits TD4PAI HUB


Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Visits TD4PAI HUB


“from what i saw in TD4PAI today, indeed, Nigeria is ready for Upstream ICT”.

(a member of Nigerian Society of Engineers)

November 5, 2016, on a Saturday afternoon, TD4PAI HUB hosted the prestigious body of professionals – the Nigerian Society of Engineers. It was indeed an August visit. About 25 members of the body came to witness the innovative transformation framework of TD4PAI HUB in Kuje, FCT, Nigeria. On their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by all the incubates and the mentors in the Hub.

dsc00617-recoveredOne of the Mentors – Dr. Agu Collins Agu, explaining some IoT concepts to the visitors.

One of the incubates, formally introduced them to the team of incubates, mentors and all other members of the HUB. Thereafter, one of the Mentors of the Hub took them around the Hub, showing them all the available facilities in the Hub. Among the facilities are; the outdoor lounge, the Soldering Desk, the Smart Board, the classrooms for free computer training, the component store, the embedded systems lab; where they were shown the Ruwatronik IoT Device, The Aguino Open Source Development/Prototyping Board, the Naija RFID Card Reader, the NFC board and a host of other indigenous innovative product of the hub.

nse3Inside the electronic components room.

Also, the visitors were shown the incubates/StartUps offices, the hostels (male and female), the automated fish ponds, the bio-digester, the uninterruptible power system, the outdoor sit-out, the community water intervention project, free wi-fi facility for the hub and the neighborhood and others numerous facilities in the hub. As they were shown round the facilities, they were asking numerous questions which were answered accordingly. One of the questions asked by a member of the NSE was: “are these products actually designed and built here in Nigeria?”

nse4Time to relax and refresh after a walk round the facilities in the hub

At the end of the day they were given refreshment by the Hub’s management, which they accepted with gratitude. They asked couple of other questions before taking a group photograph. Before leaving the hub, a member of the body said this: “from what i saw in TD4PAI today, indeed, Nigeria is ready for Upstream ICT”.

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nsc5A group photograph at the end of the visit