Steven Madumere


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  • sarah-first-picStart-Up (Ruwatronik device):

    Steven Okechukwu Madumere is graduate of Computer Science from Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Warri Delta State. He developed serious passion for embedded systems, RFID technology and software development during his six (6) month internship at NigComSat Ltd: and was part of the team that developed the ruwatronik device.

    He currently researches in RFID technology and its applications, he is a good team player, motivational speaker and believes that whatever should be done must be done excellently. E-mail:

  • Dele Orimoloye


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  • deleMentor:

    Dele Orimoloye is the Chief Executive Officer of StraBIT Ltd, a Chartered IT professional with over 21 years of experience specializing in developing, design and deployment of enterprise solutions in the United Nati0ns, Telecoms and IT, Educational, Banking and E-payment industries.

    Before joining StraBIT, he has garnered core competence and working experience over the years with various organizations at different levels and roles including ATM and Kiosk deployment, ITS Management Support, Data Centre design and implementation, IT infrastructure service assurance and lifecycle, Business impact analysis whilst working with StraBIT ltd, United Nations Office on drugs and crimes _ ITS, Boeing and green heights, Harlesden ventures and First bank Nigeria Plc.

    He has attended various advanced management programs and possesses experience in the areas of strategic management, risk analysis, marketing, IT infrastructure management, change management, business process re-engineering and service delivery.

    He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and Project Management Institute also a member of the Board of Governors of Mount Zion Academy and loves to play squash and badminton as recreational sports.

  •  Henry Kenechukwu Nwatu

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  • HenryMentor:

    A talented,result oriented  and pragmatic Individual who can step-up to a challenge and will to put forward effort needed to Succeed.
    Hands-on in printed circuit board designs,manufacture and assembly from schematic capture to finished product.
    Proficient at Embedded Circuit Board debugging and programming.
    In-depth knowledge of C sharp, C, Arduino C a.ka Embedded C
    Languages as well as Microsoft Structural Query Language ( SQL) Database designs and Implementation.
    Details oriented,  ability to mentor others,speaks fluently with good inter-personal skill.

  • Agbor Queen Orok

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  • queenMD:

    Agbor Queen Orok is a native of Cross River State and a final year student of Electronics and Computer Technology in the University of Calabar. Queen developed a keen interest in microelectronics and consequently a strong passion for community development and organization during her internship program where she contributed to all the stages in the development of the Reservoir Monitoring System.

    With the prior belief in the notion that anything worth doing is worth doing well, she easily contracted a personal sense of devotion, appreciation and awareness in the mission of alleviating poverty and hence improving the quality of life for the Youths through technology development.

  • Engr. John Funso-Adebayo


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  • funso3Mentor:

    Engr. John Funso-Adebayo started his career in the Information Technology industry, and later moved to the telecommunications industry on the commencement of the GSM Technology. In fourteen (14) years, he has worked in different organizations and different posts as assistant project manager, installations engineers (hardware/software) for upgrade, network optimization, swap, as well as operations & maintenance manager (NOC).

    He has improved his skills on Network Monitoring performance (KPIs) for the 3G RAN, CS-Core, and Alarm Handling (Escalation to Closure), end-to-end, both at the Front-Office and Back-Office.

  • Henry Egejuru


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  • henryIntern:

    Henry Egejuru is a fourth year student of the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He is a native of Imo state. Being an enthusiast of the world of Information Technology and Electronics, he has skill sets and is also grooming himself in areas of Programming, Embedded Systems and Robotics engineering. He is a committed, hardworking and diligent person who also has keen interest in classical and jazz music.

  •  David Okereafor


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  • davidV0lunteer:

    David Okereafor is a graduate of Communications Engineering from Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He is a technology-driven and innovative individual with a passion for Robotics, Embedded Systems, Web and Mobile Applications Development.  As a volunteer for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), he works with students in the fields of Unmanned Vehicles, Software Development and Basic Electronics. He is also an ardent follower of Foreign and Military Affairs.

  • Elezua Emmanuel Obinna


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  • ElezuaIntern:

    Elezua Emmanuel Obinna is a student of Electrical Electronic Engineering at the prestigious Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). He is a versatile student (avid reader, tech enthusiast, hobbyist, programmer, IEEE volunteer, MNSE, leader & blogger) with a burning desire to bringing real solutions to world problems by gaining professional experience in ICT and engineering field. He is a pragmatist. He has a strong passion for embedded systems, process control and automation engineering. He is a Christian and loves God with all his heart. He loves learning, sharing ideas, travelling, meeting people and being happy. He resides with his lovely family and friends in Umuahia.

  • Brian Ejike


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  • brianIntern:

    Brian Ejike is a 4th year Electrical/Electronic Engineering student of Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He has an avid interest in all things electronic, with a focus on embedded systems programming. He is passionate about his work and is an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and helps oversee the coordination of the FUTO IEEE branch. Digital signal processing and robotics are his ‘thing’. He reads a lot, mostly epic fantasy novels, when he’s not focused on some obscure project.

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