WEB 101: Introduction to Web Development using Joomla

The Joomla course is a practical hands-on course with participants developing a fully fledged website.

Course Duration

  • Five days at 5 hours per day.

Course Materials

  • Comprehensive delegate handbook.

Course Objectives

  • The course demystifies the Joomla terminology and will show you how the different pieces of Joomla fit together.

Participants Will Learn

  • At the end of the course, participants will receive all the tools they need to develop their websites.
  • Participants will leave the course with the skills and knowledge to build or maintain their Joomla websites.

Section 1: Introductions Section 2: Joomla Overview
Section 3: Installing and Configuring Joomla
Section 4: The Joomla Interface
Section 5: Creating Content
Section 6: Adding Menu Items
Section 7: Module Positions
Section 8: Templates
Section 9: Adding a Photo Gallery
Section 10: Adding a Header Rotator
Section 11: Changing the Global Configuration
Section 12: Backing Up Your Website
Section 13: Visiting the Joomla Extensions Directory
Section 14: Requirements for Joomla Hosting
Section 15: How to Use a FTP

Development Tools

  • Joomla framework.